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Now you can experience delicious and exciting Bubble Tea ingredients in a new innovative way on our menu. With FRIBUBBLE we have introduced “Tapioca Pearls" and "Popping Boba" to our drinks, sauces, burger toppings, cheeses and potato fries.Tapioca pearls or balls are small, edible orbs, slightly smaller than marbles that are typically used for desserts and drinks in Southeast Asian cuisine. They are made from the starch or cassava roots that gives them their chewy, transluscent characteristics. They also have neutral flavors and are sometimes soaked in sugar syrup to sweeten them. They used as an ingredient in bubble tea, they are most commonly referred to as boba or pearls.Black tapioca pearls or boba are colored tapioca balls used for milk or 'bubble' teas that are very popular nowadays.





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ثبت سفارش فرد شاهین






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